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Govt to host Artificial Intelligence-focused Raise 2020 summit

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About RAISE 2020:

Aim: To bring together people to exchange ideas on the use of Artificial Intelligence for social empowerment, inclusion, and transformation in industries such as education, smart mobility, agriculture and healthcare among others.

It will be organized by the Government of India along with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in partnership with industry & academia.

Additional information:

About Artificial Intelligence:

It refers to the ability of machines to perform cognitive tasks like thinking, perceiving, learning, and problem-solving and decision making. It includes technologies like machine learning, pattern recognition, big data, neural networks, self-algorithms among others.

India and AI:

National strategy on artificial intelligence: It has been released by NITI Aayog in 2018. It identifies five core areas for the application of artificial intelligence: Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Smart Cities, and Infrastructure and Smart Mobility and Transportation.

Global AI Report 2019:According to this report, India stood at the ninth position in terms of the number of AI specialists working in the field. The US, China, and the UK have topped the list. According to a report, AI could add $957 billion to the Indian economy and will lift the country’s income by 15% in 2035.

AIRAWAT: In 2019, NITIAayog had proposed to establish a cloud computing platform called Artificial Intelligence Research, Analytics and Knowledge Assimilation Platform(AIRAWAT) to make India a pioneer amongst emerging economies with regards to AI.

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