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Tipu Sultan | Ambedkar of South India

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Do you know: Tipu Sultan is also called ‘Ambedkar of South India’.

Fatah Ali Khan Sahab or Tipu Sultan (1750 – 99) was the Sultan of Mysore who ruled during the period of  1782 – 99.  He is also called as ‘the lion of Mysore’.  He issued the most of the coins containing pictures of Hindu deities in medieval India. They are also called as ‘ the Ambedkar of South India’.  Like the East India Company, he also tried to form an Indian company.  He had deep ties with France.  He dedicated his life to the upliftment of the farmers, workers, women and backward.  He was killed during the fighting at the main gate of Srirangapatna in the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War in 1799.  He also said – “It is better to live 100 days like a lion and live 1 day like a lion.

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