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Why India become world leader 2020

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Why India can become a world leader?  

The first is clear in studies going on across the world that India’s importance to the world is constantly increasing and will grow even further.  At the same time, there is a possibility that India will play a positive role in establishing stability, peace, and prosperity in the world.  These both are challenges and opportunities for India.  This opportunity will pave the way for India to become a global leader.  Let us explore these opportunities.

There is an opportunity for India Because the countries of Asia – Pacific are looking towards India.  It is being speculated that in the coming times, the United States will try to become a hyper superpower, for that the playground will be either trans-Pacific region or West Asia.  China will come forward in the trans-Pacific region to challenge it and Russia-China jointly in West Asia.  In such a situation, America will be forced to look towards India.  India can see this as a big opportunity.  One more thing, Countries located in these two regions are looking towards India to develop their stability, and to counter the increasing influence of  China and the USA. By taking advantage of these conditions, India can create an opportunity to become a productive,  progressive and cooperative leader in Asia.  Yes, India will have to challenge how to strike a balance between China and the US and go on the forward track.  Conditions will be better for Asia:-  India can move its Pivot to West Asia or ‘Look West’ policy towards Great Dividends. Here we will need to pay special attention to some aspects –

First is that in West Asia, at this time, the dividing lines between the Shia and Sunni worlds have become clear. The leaders of these two worlds try to build a better relationship with their respective communities in India.

Can  India obtain benefits from this?

The first is that India will reduce the space already created for Pakistan in the Islamic world, which will directly affect Pakistan’s diplomacy and economy.  As many Gulf countries, including Emirates and Saudi Arabia, have come to know that India is an advocate of modernization and mixed culture, it will be an opportunity for India to take the Pivot to West policy on the fast track.  Secondly, this will give India an opportunity to become strong as a maritime power from Hormuz to Java which together it may be able to counter the alliances formed in the Indian Ocean between China and Pakistan.  Because India can benefit from the unity of the European Union, at this time, the links of united Europe are breaking and every country is suffering from the specific mindset of nation bust.  That is, the European Union / Eurozone is no longer an optimal economic zone.  This means that the new associations and dioceses that will be completed in Europe after the Brexit can develop a new pool of relations with Europe for an emerging economy like India, on which India can develop new  relations with European countries or may strengthen older links.  India will just have to see how it can re-establish itself in the European market. Because trade between America and China can be beneficial, China has long been a window of free credit in small and poor countries from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific and Atlantic, and not only having control on the natural resources of these countries through checkbook diplomacy but it is also establishing control over governments.  Through this strategy, China is infiltrating into India’s neighboring countries and countering Indian interests and failing the policy of the neighborhood.  But the bubbles in China’s economy, its dwindling capacity, increasing pressure on the rationale and the ongoing trade war with the US have weakened its checkbook diplomacy to a great extent.  These challenges are going to be too heavy on China in the next year, so India may see this as a big opportunity.

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