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Letter to BS: India could witness a revolution post Covid-19 crisis

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If the Indian political leadership and entrepreneurs play their cards well the nation is sure to witness a revolution post the Covid crisis. This is because hundreds of multinational companies, in industries like automobiles, mobile phones, electronics and textiles among others, are considering moving their manufacturing bases from China to India and other business-friendly Asian nations. They have decided to relocate due to the failure of China to contain the Covid crisis and also its lack of transparency. The US is openly criticising China for the same; various Eu­ro­pean nations have also raised fingers at it. The Indian government has introduced ma­ny reforms in business. Fo­reign companies are bound to get attracted by the big market that India represents. The availability of skilled manpower, labour and raw material will be of immense help to these companies and their entry will boost our economy.

M Pradyu Kannur

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