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Emperor Bindusara | Mauryan emperor | Amitraghata

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History of Emperor Bindusara

–           Chandragupta Maurya was succeeded by Bindusara who ascended the throne in 298 B.C. He was the second king of the Mauryan dynasty and is known as Simhasen in the Jain text. His wife’s name was Shubhadrangi.

–           Bindusara is known as Amitraghata (destroyer of the enemy) and according to Vayu Puran, he is also known as Bhadrasar.

–           Bindusara was the father of the great emperor, Ashoka.

–           According to Strabo, the Syrian King Antiochus sent an ambassador named Deimachus to the court of Bindusara. He is considered as the successor of Megasthenes.

–           We find descriptions of two revolts in Takshila during Bindusara’s reign. At first, Susima was sent to stop this rebellion and then later Ashoka was sent.

–           According to Athenaeus, Bindusara requested the ruler of Syria, Antiochus-I to send wines, dried figs, and a philosopher.

–           Buddhist scholar Taranath has described Bindusara as the winner of 16 states.

–           Bindusara died in 273 B.C.

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