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Granada revolution

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The Day when Christianity again rejuvenated!

Muslim empire ended in Spain on the 2nd of January, 1492, every Muslim was converted into Christian.

On January 2, 1492, the Granada Empire of the last Muslim rulers in Spain came to an end.  The rule of Christian rulers was established throughout the country.  After this, no Muslim rule could ever take place in Spain.  All the Muslims of Granada were converted to Christianity.  Not only this, more than 500 churches which were built mosques in the past, were again converted into churches.

Also, all the Muslims of the empire were converted to Christianity.  The last emperor kept on crying over his defeat.

The rule of Christian rulers was established throughout the country.

On this day, the Moore rulers of Granada surrendered to the Christian armies of King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella I.  The empire of the Muslim Moors in Spain came to an end with the passing of Granada. The city of Granada, located at the confluence of the Daro and Génil rivers in southern Spain, was a stronghold of the Moore rulers.

Muslim rule was very powerful then.

In the 11th century, during the reign of Sultan Almoravid, Granada was at its peak in terms of power and influence.  In 1238, Christian armies began conquering many parts of Spain, defeating the Moors and occupying them.

Muslims surrendered after the victory of Spanish Christian King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in the war.

Due to this, most Muslims from the rest of the country started to settle in the areas of Granada in southern Spain.  Gradually, the empire of Granada became the single largest bastion of the Moorish civilization.  Muslims lived here on a large scale.  This state was considered very powerful.

Then the Muslim Moore Empire came to an end forever.

During these two hundred years, there was a lot of cultural and economic development of Granada.  The monarchy of Christian kings Ferdinand and Isabella emerged in Spain in the late 15th century.  He destroyed this Muslim empire forever.  Since then there has never been Muslim rule in Spain again.

Raja Boabdil, the last Moore ruler of Granada lived in this palace.

Muslims who did not become Christians were expelled from the country

On 2 January 1492, King Boabdil, the last Moor ruler of Granada, handed him over to the Spanish forces.  After this, in 1502, the Spanish rule forced all Muslims to convert to Christianity.  Although many people of Moore descent did not abandon Islam, such people were expelled from Spain.

“Abu-Abdullah”, the last emperor of Granada, was crying like a child standing on his castle built on the hill, his eyes were towards the town of Alhamra, based on the foothill.  He made so many mistakes during the reign that his Sultanate was going to be sunset.  He kept on crying.

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