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Interesting facts about Emperor Ashoka

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  1. The great emperor Ashoka (Ashoka, the great), the Chakravartin king of the Mauryan dynasty, was born in 304 B.C.
  2. Ashoka’s full name was Devanampriya Ashoka Maurya.
  3. Ashoka’s father’s name was Emperor Bindusara and his mother’s name was Rani Dharma.
  4. Including Emperor Ashoka, there were 101 brothers.
  5. From his childhood itself, Emperor Ashoka was very talented in military matters.
  6. Ashoka’s reign is believed to be from 273 to 232 B.C.
  7. Emperor Ashoka is known for better administration and promotion of Buddhism in Indian history.
  8. Emperor Ashoka never lost a single battle in his entire life.
  9. Apart from being a great ruler, Ashok was a great philosopher as well.
  10. Emperor Ashoka established more than 20 universities in his entire life.
  11. The Ashoka symbol made during the life of Emperor Ashoka is known as the National Symbol of India today.
  12. In Buddhist history, Ashoka’s name is revered after Gautam Buddha’s name.
  13. Emperor Ashoka’s thinking changed during the Kalinga war and he embraced non-violence.
  14. Emperor Ashoka is compared with the greatest rulers of the history of the world.
  15. Ashoka, the great adopted the ideas of Buddhism in his life and became its patron for spreading the doctrine throughout the world.
  16. Ashoka’s reign is remembered as the golden period.
  17. Ashoka named his principles as Dhamma.
  18. Ashoka had killed several of his brothers for ascending the throne.
  19. Ashoka’s son Mahendra and daughter Sanghamitra preached the doctrine of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.
  20. Emperor Ashoka had many marriages but Maharani Devi is called his queen.
  21. Emperor Ashoka ruled for 40 years, much more than any other ruler of the Maurya dynasty.
  22. Ashoka Chakra taken from Ashoka Pillar has also been included in the National Flag of our country today.
  23. Ashoka was the first emperor who defeated Kalinga in a battle.
  24. Ashoka had built 84,000 stupas and several pillars during his lifetime.
  25. Ashoka respected and had a policy of tolerance towards the people of different faiths, including the Shudras.
  26. It is believed that Ashoka died in 232 B.C.

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