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India UK Relations

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India-UK relations can be stronger

Recently, the results of the elections held for the House of Commons, the lower house of the British Parliament, have many messages, so their importance increases for the whole world including Britain and Europe. The first thing related to these elections is that for the third time in the last four years general elections have been held, so now the British people have opted for political stability. But choosing Boris Johnson as steadfast leadership is not only a matter of Brexit but of Indians living in India and Britain, it is more important. Can it not be interpreted that Britain has made up its mind to move along with India under the same hypothesis as the nationalism under which we are moving forward?

Britain’s nationalist outlook gives a definite message and supports that India has in the past changed some laws or enacted new laws to strengthen India’s unity and integrity as well as strengthen the security system Jaay strongly supports Yes, one thing has to be noted that the extent to which the heat of the ‘first world’ in the western world can affect the interests of the second world and the third world. So far it has been seen that Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ supports protectionism rather than liberalism. If the same trend is adopted by European countries, there is a possibility of decreasing global space for emerging economies like India.

Elections were fought on these issues: Britain had some major issues contested such as Brexit, investment in the health sector, crime, the economy, carbon emissions, and Scotland. Among them, issues such as the National Health Service or crime were fundamental which affect the general public of Britain. The National Health Service aims to provide free healthcare to all people in Britain, which was established in 1948, but the Labor Party is promising to increase spending on this service by 4.3 percent and Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn Boris was accusing Johnson of having the service ‘to sell’ to the US. The special thing is that crime and punishment never became a big issue in the UK elections, but the recent attack on London Bridge made it an important issue. Three issues can be considered important in this election. First – Scotland’s independence, second economy, and third Brexit. The 2014 referendum for Scottish independence created an unprecedented situation in Britain. The majority of Scottish voters want to remain in the European Union, as they believe that they are being expelled from the European Union against their will. Therefore, the challenge before Boris Johnson will be to keep the people of Scotland away from the spirit of Brexit.

Economy and Brexit can be considered more or less related issues. Among the manifestos issued by political parties in these elections, only Swinson’s Liberal Democrats’ Economic Declaration was accepted by Britain’s Institute for Fiscal Studies. The reason being that it promised a modest tax hike and increased spending. In contrast, the Conservative Party came to the polls with a promise to invest in public services while cutting taxes, while the Labor Party promised to ‘re-set the rules of the economy’ to benefit everyone. If micro-observations of the UK economy are made, then it will become clear that the promises of the Conservatives do not correspond very well with the circumstances.

Boris Johnson took the message of completion of the Brexit to the public, which meant that Britain would no longer be part of the European Union. But did Boris Johnson talk that the public would know the arithmetic gain of Brexit or the loss? Johnson was claiming during the election campaign that if he came to power, he would officially pass a Brexit deal called the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ in the new Parliament and expel the UK from the European Union on 31 January. After this, by the end of 2020, they will try to enter independently into new agreements with Europe, America, and other important partners. This means that the British public has given a majority to Boris Johnson to get Britain out of the EU as soon as possible. But the question arises as to how the UK and EU will be affected by it. The impact on them will also affect bilateral and multilateral relations. In fact, a rosy picture is being shown behind Brexit that at the present time Germany and France have control over the European Union and after Brexit Britain will be an independent nation, will have its own policies and will regain its old glory one day. But according to a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation in Germany, if there is a hard break (ie breakthrough without agreement), then the effect will be wider. Britain will suffer a lot of damage, but EU countries will also be hit. According to this study report, the UK may lose about EUR 57 billion in annual income, while the EU will lose EUR 40 billion. If this happens, the Indian economy will be negatively affected initially along with the global economy.

Currently, Britain will face many hurdles in restoring bilateral economic relations with EU countries, further slowing the economic process. Perhaps seeing this, former UK Prime Minister David Cameron said that Britain’s exit from the EU would have serious economic and political consequences. If we talk about its impact on India, mixed estimates and estimates are coming out in this regard.

His pro-India formula, however, has played a pivotal role in taking Boris Johnson to power. Therefore, it is very likely that the new government will have better relations with India. It is also possible that Boris Johnson will move towards establishing new trade relations with Europe, America and other key stakeholders after the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union on 31 January, the faster the UK creates space for India. Will happen. In such a situation, we can assume that the process of creation of ‘Two Great Nations, One Glorious Future’ will continue uninterrupted and in the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘Unbeatable Combination’ will gain much more strength.

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